Sunday, January 29, 2012

Catch up posts..

- This weekend has worn me out!  Friday, I took the girls to school, then had my meeting at the preschool regarding my conference.  It went ok.  I was much more calmer then I was last week thank goodness, but just even more confused now in a way.  The head said that they have kept an eye on my child and another one in the class because of how young they were, and that the teachers actually did recommend for the other child to be placed in the 2 year old class, but that they have felt like Emily is fine in the 3's.  The head also said most of the things that the teacher said Emily isn't doing in class isn't expected to be done until by the end of the year, so it's no big deal if she isn't doing somethings.  I wish the teacher would have made that clear.  So from my conversation with this lady, Emily is doing fine, and age appropriate for the class per her, the teach just concentrated on what my child isn't doing, and maybe she was just trying to point out what we can work on, but it just came out wrong.  I honestly think this teacher is a nice person, but I am still firm on the fact that teaching preschoolers just isn't for her, and will be sending my letter in to the board of directors.  So as for next year, I am going to do what I want to do, and I am trying to figure out now if that means placing her back in the 3's with another teacher, or doing the 4 year class twice.  I have to have my form in for it by next Friday so that doesn't give me much time, so let's hope we do the right thing.  The head of the program still really feels keeping her back an extra 4 year tends to be the best.  But as her parent that's going to be up to me.  She did express that if your heading to public school it's best to hold the child back in  preschool before they reach Kindergarten, (if you were in a private preschool) as once they get in public school the system makes it near impossible to hold them back, as there is a push to just shove them through.  How heart breaking for the kids....

- So enough about my meeting, I then ran a bunch of errands, took Emily to a follow up eye doctor appointment, played out side with the kids, hosted the slumber party, etc.  Saturday morning with visited my grandmother who is at a nursing home for rehab.  It's so sad to see her like she is.  I don't think she's improving, and given that she's 94, I don't know if she will improve much.  We spent the rest of the day outside playing hard.  Such wonderful weather!  We rode bikes, ran around the street, and Dave worked on cleaning out the garage (story of his life). By the end of the day everyone was passed out in the den, and had to be woken up for dinner. 

- Today we have a birthday party to head to for one of Rachel's classmates, and I am sure we will be back outside doing something fun.  The weekends are just never long enough are they??


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