Sunday, January 15, 2012

A bunch of stuff...

*I was able to visit my grandmother last night.  She hadn't opened her eyes or responded since after breakfast before she went to the ER, but while I was there she opened her eyes and seemed to know who I was.  She tried talking but we were not able to understand her.  We sat and talked with my grandfather for a while.  I took a piece of the sheet cake with me for him to eat, and he gobbled it up in about 10 seconds.  He kept saying over and over how much the cake tasted exactly like the cake grandma used to make that he loves.  It was sad to hear him talk about how he was trying to figure out if he should let them do a feeding tube, and the hard decisions he may face.  They have been married for over 70 years!  I hope to get by the hospital today sometime. 

* I have one birthday present of Dave's enroute.  He has been wanting some etched beer glasses with a certain design on them, and I thought about trying my hand at it, but I don't think I could do it without him seeing the project, so I broke down, and found a etsy shop that can do anything.  The lady was really helpful, and is shipping them out Tuesday.  I hope he likes them.

*Today I cleaned my oven thanks to pinterest.  My oven door and inside was nasty.  I honestly didn't think cleaning it would help much, but it's brand new looking now.  Side note, my husband has been on a beef jerky kick lately, and has been experimenting with making it different ways.  He used a food dehydrater on one batch, and then saw a technique where you basically thread the meat through a bamboo skewer, and then hang the skewer from racks in the oven with paper clips.  So. Freaking. Redneck.  I have to admit, the jerky he has made has tasted really good.  I messed up though and posted a picture of him doing this on facebook, and our neighbor saw it, and brought over deer meat for him to do.  My oven was a nighmare, so I got out the baking soda and elbow grease.  I ended up also using one of those brown pampered chef  scrapers, but my oven is sparkly now, even the door glass which always looks horrible! Thanks Pinterest!

*I am on the third book of The Hunger Game series- Mocking Jay, and I had to say the books are sooo good!  I am sad that this is the last book, but I am eager to see how they end up the story.

* I need to get cracking planning the girls birthday parties.  I have some ideas, but I need to finalize some things. My older two both have birthdays in February, one has a birthday I think the day after Super Bowl, and my husband is driving me insane, as he wants to have some Super Bowl Party, and he wants me to help plan it, when I really don't want to be bothered with, as 1. I am more concerned with trying to plan my kids parties. 2. I could care less about the game other then the commercials, and the half time show. 3. I really don't feel like busting butt for another freaking party. 4. It's going to end with me and the other wives trying to watch all of the kids, while our husbands drink. 5. It's soooo much fun to clean our house, and then watch it get destroyed in under 10 minutes. 6. I have to get up, go Laura's birthday blessing at Chapel the next day at her school, then go to work, and that should be fun getting all the kids ready after they have been up all night. 8. When I get home, I am guessing my house will still be a mess, and my husband who was home all day will have done no cleaning what so ever, and then will ask me "What's For Dinner?" 9. I am going to stop talking about it, because I can feel myself getting snarkier and snarkier.




Jamie said...

I think you should rally to get your husband invited to a Super Bowl party :) Still praying for your Grandma! I'll pray for your Grandpa, too. THat's so awesome that they've been married for 70 years!!

Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

I think you need to print off your list of reasons to not have a Super Bowl party and have every wife give it to a husband who suggests having one because besides the birthday blessing, it's true for ALL of us for that occasion!