Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting old...

My husbands birthday was Tuesday, he's 33 now.  We celebrated it over three days.  Sunday we went to a new restaurant that opened called Smoke, with another couple we are friends with, and their little girls.  We had heard mainly good reviews, but a few people had said they didn't care for it.  I am glad we went, as the food was really good.  It's a BBQ place, and has a feel of County Grill with the different BBQ sauces available, but my husband was in heaven.  The pulled pork was awesome, the baked beans were my favorite part of my meal though I have to admit!  Monday, we had his family party party.  We were going to keep it simple with just cake and icecream, but after watching Pioneer Woman's first show of this season on the Food Network, Dave annouced he was going to cook the meal she made, and he wanted to do it.  I offered to help or to make it all together, he refused saying it was going to be fun for him to make it.  That's all I needed to hear =).  I did make his cake though =).
He made Pioneer Woman's Pulled Pork Spicey Pop BBQ, her cole slaw from that show, and her flat apple pie.  I thought it was all pretty tasty, but it is hard to beat BBQ cooked in a smoker... so he has decided to go back to how he usually makes it next time.  My cake was hilarious looking despite my efforts to watch every Pinterest tip on icing cakes.  Oh well, it tasted pretty good I thought =).  I made home made cream cheese icing, and the cake part was chocolate that I got the recipe from on the back of the Hershey Coco can.  

The girls and I spoiled him with a leather heavy bag for working out in the garage that he's been talking about, some etched glasses with a particular skull he's been wanting that I had made off of Etsy, and there was a good deal on a Groupon on our area for a massage, that I snatched up, since he loves getting those.  It's his inner girl =).

On his actual birthday we went to Plaza for a quick dinner, and we enjoyed some yummy Mexican and fried ice cream. 


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