Saturday, January 7, 2012

Well I survived kickboxing class, AND the next day a girlfriend took me with her to the cool gym in town and I did a spinning class and ab class with her.  What was I thinking.... Kickboxing was great, I felt pretty good afterward, and I want to keep doing it.  Helps when you have a friend doing it with you too, I was able to talk my sister in law in going with me, and I think she enjoyed it too =).  So, I am feeling all awesome and then the next morning is spinning class.  Don't get me wrong, I love riding my beach cruiser all around the neighborhood, but spin class was a butt kicker.  It was fun, they held the class in a completely dark room, with lots of nice loud music, but the bike seat is small and tiny, and I don't exactly have a big hiny.  It lasted an hour, and my legs were killing me afterward!  It was doable though, because if I got too tired I could just let up on the resistance, and fake that I was working just as hard as the others lol.  Then as soon as it was over, I tried to run away from my friend and say I was going to do some weight training, but she made me go to the ab class.  That class was 1/2 an hour, and I survived a million crunches and some planking.  By noon though I could hardly walk.  The husband planned a fun date night too us, and showering and dressing for it was hilarious when you can hardly move. 

I enjoyed going to my friends gym, and even though I love my cheap gym, I have to admit it would be nice to have classes which my gym doesn't offer.  I think I will compromise and just stay at my gym, and take a few kickboxing classes from the Boot Camp lady who does them near my house.  Since I did all of the extra classes Friday I didn't start my running program, and I am not sure if I will start Sunday or Monday.  I worked out Monday- Friday, so I need to allow my body to recover.

Our date night was still really fun despite me being sore, and Dave has a sprained ankle from a treadmill injury. We looked funny hobbling around. We went to dinner, and a movie, and the kiddos spent the night with their grandparents and one of their cousins.

I have been looking around for running shoes.  I am really liking how the minimalist shoes look, and they seem to be really popular right now. On a recent shopping adventure I ended up buying all new sneakers for the girls, because I still can't make up my mind, and they fell in love with some Nike's and Pumas.  Go figure.  Our new neighbor who runs was telling me I need to check out a website called Roadrunner, as they have a deal where you can try out tennis shoes and you have 90 days to return them if you don't like them after using them.  She said it took her 4 pairs before she found a pair she liked using the site, and they have all the popular brands/styles. 



Lindsey said...

Hey what cheap gym do you go to!? I go to a cheap gym Wondering if we go to the same one?


Lindsey said...

Hey what cheap gym do you go to!? I go to a cheap one in our area....wondering if we go to the same one! ??

Mom of Three said...

I go to Planet Fitness- it's hard to beat $10 a month =)