Friday, January 13, 2012

Randoms Post...

*Dave and I had a mini date Wednesday night.  Bone Fish Grill has a special every Wednesday where their Bang Bang Shrimp is just $5, and let me tell you , it's banging....We went and each got one as our meal, and apparently everyone else in town had the same idea as it was already a long wait for a table, and even a wait for a seat at the bar, luckily we were able to snatch up two seats at the bar and enjoy ourselves though.

* I got my hair did yesterday, and I am super proud I just waited 8 weeks this time lol.  I used to be so good about going for trims or high lites ever 4-6 weeks before kids, but now sadly I go a crazy time in between because I just get side tracked or busy, or not wanting to spend the money on it.    I made an effort to get my butt in to my hair girl, because she changed shops, and she has a special right now where during the first two weeks she's there hair cuts are free and color is just $15.   Yeah, for that deal I was willing to do whatever if took to get in.  I also took my blue hair extension out.  I had a one tiny blue hair extension put in before halloween, it was fun, and I am not going to lie I am itching to get a feather one put in again, but then I have to remind myself I am 31 years old, and wonder just how ridiculous I really look.

 *My coworkers college age daughter made my day last week.  She met her mom for lunch, and though I don't really know her daughter I hear all of her stories and see her pictures all the time so I feel like I know her.  She was walking to her car and I was heading back into work after grabbing Subway.  Before I could help myself I smiled all big at her and said hello.  Then remembered she doesn't know who the heck I am as we had only met maybe once or twice years ago, and so I  stopped myself from giving her a big hug before she pepper sprayed me.  She called her mom a few minutes later and told her she just realized who I was, and that she thought I was some friend of hers from high school when she first saw me. So maybe I can rock a feather extension then.

*Confession, I still have not started my running program.  Mainly I am wondering if I start now if it will be too far ahead of the race.  The program I looked into is a 8 week program, so technically I should wait a bit.  I could start now I guess, but I am worried that it will be bad on my joints, and I will end up injuring myself.  I don't have joint issues, but I know running isn't exactly the best thing for your body.

* I have gone to the gym and worked out 3 times already this week, so at least I have been active.  I got on the scale the other day after not being on it for a while, and I was kinda surprised that I had lost more. I am honestly not trying to lose anymore before anyone gets all crazy.  To be honest I was holding good at about 130 give or take a lb, but the scale just said 124.  I don't diet, or heck even count calories anymore. Don't get me wrong, I am eating a heck of a lot better the I used to when I was fat, but I honestly eat what I want now. and it's not just salad.  I figured with Christmas I would gain, and I hit the gym hard in December hoping to just stay the same.  Of course we got the stomach flu so that didn't help matters, but honestly I am still surprised.  I know my metaoblism is better, and I am making better food choices, but I really don't want to lose any more,and in fact I'd like to get back to 130.  People at work have already been freaking out on me again.  I am guessing my problem is I have become a cardio junkie.  When I go to the gym I always do at least 30 minutes on the crosstrainer machine.  I freaking love it.  There isn't much better then getting on there with my music blasting and just going as fast as I can.  Dave tells me all the time I do too much cardio, but it's my favorite.  I do work with some weights, but it's not my favorite.  I hate the weights, I feel stupid, I always lose count, and then feel all self conscious.  He has told me I just should do cardio like that 3 times a week, or may consider just doing it frequently but not as long.  Of course I haven't paid any attention to that advice.  I need to though.   I guess I have finally got those darn endorphines  or whatever people get from working out.  I feel awesome on days I get to the gym, and feel blah on the few days I don't.  The idea of going in the gym and doing 15 minutes on a cardio machine just seems crazy and slack.  Also, I don't want to do too may weights as I don't want to be all female body builder looking.

* I am seriously jealous of my children's tennis shoes that they just got, especially my older two kiddos.  They have some sweet Nike's now, and with Dave's birthday coming up,and my older girls birthdays soon after I know I wont be buying myself a pair any time soon unless I find an amazing sale.

* Have you seen those red neck wine glasses, you know the mason jars on a candle stick?  Turns out I know the inventor.  Seriously.  She put a patent or license or whatever on it a while back, and sold the rights to a big company, and she's rich now.  I feel like I know a rockstar lol.  I have known her since I was a little girl, she in fact did my hair for my wedding as a gift, and spoiled my oldest with a a bunch of purses when she was little.  I am so happy for her, and so proud to say I know her!



Jamie said...

I loved this post :) I read it while drinking my coffee this morning, and I sort of feel like we hung out a little! HA! I'd so totally run up and hug you in a parking lot, okay? So don't think I'm weird or pepper spray me when it happens even though it would be kind of weird :)

Mom of Three said...

I would never pepper spray you! WOW I just reread this post, and girl this early in the morning after two cups of coffee lol. I sound really hyper lol.