Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another post of randoms...

*Today I made progress on the girls birthday parties!  We nixed previous ideas of having something at home, as I don't think I can handle a huge amount of screaming girls in our house during winter.  If we could get outside I would be fine, but with the amount of friends that they want to have come, it's better to hit the road.  After some looking around online, we are going with a joint friend party at the Virginia Living Museum.  My girls are a year a part born in February, so they have a lot of the same friends, and the joint party worked out just fine last year.  Of course in my demand that they still have a special day of their own, we will have small family parties for them on their actual birthday at the house.  Today I booked the VLM, created invites, and have already brainstormed some ideas.  The VLM has a great member rate for parties there, and it sounds pretty organized.  We have a party room for one hour, in which I will come up with a game for the kids to play, they also get an animal show, and of course we will eat a snack, and have birthday cake!  Afterward we can tour the museum, and Laura and Rachel should be pretty informative tour guides since we have been there so much.  All that's left to do for the party is now send out the invites, make goodie bags, and make a cake.  Totally doable. 

*I finished the Hunger Game series, so I am down three books this year towards by 25 goal =).  The books were great, and I have been suggesting them to everyone I know!  I already loaned my girlfriend the first one, and she's hooked!

*My grandmother is doing somewhat better.  It looked really bad at first, and they did a temporary feeding tube. Today they took it out, and she is tolerating some soft foods and liquids.  She has a long road ahead of her that's for sure, but today she said my name and looked pretty happy to see me.  Then she proceeded to tell a nurse that I have 5 kids, and apparently told another nurse after I left that I am very knowledgeable about peeing, and they should get me to show the nurses how to help people do it.  Bless her heart.

* I am determined to get a pedicure after work tomorrow.  I have a gift card that has been burning a hole in my pocket for far too long.  Nothing better get in my way.


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Jamie said...

I am so happy to hear about your Grandma! Praise God!! Your bit about what she said to the nurses cracked me up!