Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Ahhh Sunday/Funday.... I started my Sunday with a quick trip to the gym, I am still sore from being all crazy with a million fitness classes in two days.  BUT it was totally needed after what I baked later Sunday.  When I got home, I took the kids to the park since it was still semi warm for January out, took some fun pictures of the kids playing with my new lens.  Sadly I looked into photography classes through Parks and Rec, and there isn't anything being offered right now. Oh well I can just play more with the camera until something comes up.

Anyways, I had a cooking day by prepping dinner, and a meal for a girlfriends family having surgery,  and then got busy making a Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  This is a Pioneer Woman receipe, but it's not on her website.  It's in her cookbook though, and a few other bloggers have made it, so if you want to see all the details check out this link:
You make this in a cast iron skillet, and I found it really easy to make.  I did have to purchase shortening for my first time ever to make it, so I can now cross that off my bucket list.  The top of mine looks darker then the one in the cookbook and blog because I added a lot of cherries since we all love them, and I had dark brown sugar which of course made it a lot darker, I promise it's not burnt =).  My family loved this cake, and half of it was gone in seconds.  I took a huge chunk of it to my parents to get it out of the house!


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