Sunday, January 29, 2012

Slumber party fun...

My sweet oldest child had her friend over to spend the night Friday.  My child loves this little girl, and looks up to her so much. She's two grades above her, and my childhood best friends niece, but they hit it off at school, and that just makes me smile.  We ordered pizza, watched Dolphin Tale, painted nails, and did a craft.  I was short on ideas for a craft, so we just did the valentine door hanging tissue craft.  We did this last year.  I just cut out a heart from the pizza box that we had, and let the girls glue balled up pieces of red tissue all over it.   The girls had fun, and even passed out half way early, which was good because I was zonked.  They were ready to roll though Saturday morning, and we were dressed and outside riding bikes and playing by 8am lol.  Such cuties!

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Jenny said...

That is so cute! It still blows my mind that our kiddos are getting old enough to do stuff like this!