Sunday, October 19, 2008

Top 10 bands/artists that remind you of highschool..

Homeslice inspired me so here is my list....

1. Spice Girls- I know I know, but yeah I rocked out this song in my car, and begged a boyfriend to take me to see their movie, and he refused, can't say I blame him looking back at it now!

2. Sublime- they make me think of my junior year, and short car trips to Bush Gardens with friends, as well as crazy bipolar boyfriend, who today per his myspace page is still crazy and on drugs, and hasn't made anything of himself.

3.Oasis- I used to listen to them while jogging, and these were great songs to listen to while trying to mend a broken heart (hey I had a lot of boyfriends over the highschool years)

4. The Fugees- This band makes me remember my two highschool years at PC (Peninsula Catholic)

5. TLC - specifically the album Crazy, Sexy, Cool - makes me remember the summer of
'95 which was the last year I played baseball with boys and said goodbye to being a tomboy.

6. The Notorius BIG- I know your all laughing now, but I had to throw some gangsta rap in there. With this artist I think of both 10th grade and 12th grade as I rocked out , or rather rapped out (hahah) to his Ready to Die album (10th grade). I remember listening to this album riding to school with a friend (Amy Coenen). His life after death album makes me think of when I learned he died. I always went to 711 before going to school to get a coke slurpee, and it was flashing on the news, and I was so sad about it for about 5 seconds, and somehow I moved on. I also remember playing his song hypnotize super loud on my way to softball practic. I played everything super loud so other people could hear what I was lisening to, and so they would know how cool I was. Yeah I was THAT person....

7. Dave Mathews Band- I still like them...but I can't help but just think about potheads and hemp jewelry...In on my senior casual pics I sported a hemp necklace, and bracelet 'cause I was a poser like that.

8. Puff Daddy- he's had many name changes since then, but yeah I listend to him, and it was another one I played super loud with my windows down especially in the summer so people could hear him too.

9. Shania Twain- This is when she was on the country charts and pop charts. She makes me think of the summer before I went off to college, as the girls on my ASA softbally team would sing her songs reall really really loud, almost as annoying as me playing my music loud in the car...

10. Lil Kim- what can I say, it was all about the gangsta rap. I think of fun times with friends, going to baseball games, softball games, and softball friends,being a mall rat, and just having fun being a 17 year old, and thinking I was all that.


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