Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recent happenings...

My doc appointment was short and sweet as they just wanted to look at my belly.They snipped a double knotted stitch on my side, and then informed me I had a small opening but its nothing major and should heal soon, and nothing like last time when I needed wound packing and care. Oh good lord last time was rough with that...Seriously, I probably needed a good valium or two as I was completely freaked to have my belly open and have gauze in me, I was determined I was going to die cause I am a head case like that.

Emily had her 2 week appointment. She now weighs 7lb 12 oz, in the 25th for height and weight, and 50th for head. She goes back in two weeks for another check and to get a hep shot. She's such a sweet baby. I finally made up my mind with what to order from her litle photo session. I decieded to order a 8x10 to put up on the wall with all our other kid pics, and a 5x7 of another to frame, and then I got a proof book with 12 pics that I love. For the birth annoucements I went with the one with the bow. I loved the other one, but the poses were similar to what we used with the other girls, so I wanted to do something different so the bow won.

Dave started working out. He's been swimming his little heart out complete with goggles and his flippers. He just bought the goggles and of course yesterday when he went to use them for the first time they broke in half somehow, and then on the way home from the gym his truck started acting funky, so thats in the shop now. We took back the broken goggles last night and exchanged them for a new pair, so he should be swimming again in no time!


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