Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How not to spend your money....

So what is the above picture of? Any guesses??? It's my husbands Chantix that I bought him a while back as some of you may remember...Chantix is prescription medication that helps someone stop smoking/chewing. My husband chews. It's a nasty habit.

He got the prescription for this during the summer, at the same appointment to talk about getting a Vasectomy. By the way, he still hasn't gotten it yet, therefore he will not be getting any until it is taken care of, as this chick isn't chancing having four under four.

So if you remember while we were in the drive through at Walgreen's or wherever the heck it was, when they told us the price I made him solemnly swear to make an effort to quit, and I would pay for it. Chantix is not covered by insurance, and its expensive... The man looked me in the eye and said he would make the effort...

I knew he had not stopped, and he said he tried, but no luck. So tonight just to set myself up for a temper tantrum, I decided to see how much of an effort he really made. The Chantix was kept on top of the fridge, and I pulled it down and found out he only took the stuff for two weeks... He was given a 4 week supply...Way to make an effort big guy, and way to piss away money Robyn...It would have been wiser to spend money towards his denture bills since he will need them after he rots his away with that crap, or even worse, when he gets cancer of the mouth and needs treatment. Seriously, Robyn is not amused, and he wont be getting off easy.


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