Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun times at the Gyno office....

Ugg... I am still sick. I may just give in and go to the doctor if it doesn't get better, but there is only so much they can do for you with a cold, which I guess is what I have. My primary care doc is the only other doc I have not seen this week. I had a dentist appointment Tuesday for regular cleaning and check, and yesterday I had the lovely 6 week post partum check at the baby docs office.

I seem to have the best of luck at those visits. With Laura they had a student sit in on my visit, and with Rachel the doc was making corny jokes the whole time, and this time they had another freaking student sit in on my visit. They did ask me if it was ok. I said yes as I don't want to be a pain in the butt, as the practic has taken good care of me over the years. I told the nurse it would be ok, figuring all modesty is pretty much gone after you have kids anyways. So the doc comes in with the student, and guess what- I freaking know the student! I played field hockey against this chick in highschool, and we lived kinda near each other. Great, just great I think to myself. Why don't we just video tape the freaking visit for the news so everyone can see my hoo-haa.


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Katie said...

Speaking as a student nurse and working as an LPN this summer, your hoo haa in the sense that you think about it was the last thing that chick was thinking about. Promise. Promise. Promise. And I can guarantee you that yours looks way better than the cadaver that she had to dissect in the beginning of med school, and the sweet little old ladies she's had to examine who have uterine prolapse. Don't sweat it homey.