Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy times

Emily is 4 weeks old today!! I wish time would slow down.... she is now 9lbs! She is in the 50% for height, weight, and head. She's doing just dandy per her doc. After the doc appointment I had to go to Target to attempt some small Christmas Shopping while I had a chance. My parents had the oldest two so I figured it was a good chance to get a few things while they were not with me. I picked up some shower/bath paint figuring they would like to play with that and it could be a good stocking stuffer, plus some pink tights, another stocking stuffer, and then Elmo Live and I met...

Apparently this is supposed to be one of the hot holiday items that will be hard to find. Anyways, they had some on the shelf and I amused myself with seeing what it does. It's pretty cute, but 59.99 cute? Not so sure... I actually bought one though... the kids seem to like Elmo, there not into TV that much but they do like Elmo and enjoy some of their other Elmo stuff... I figured even though I wasn't so sure I wanted to buy it I better just get it now while I had the chance because if I changed my mind down a few months from now I am sure I wouldn't have a chance to find it in time... So now I am debating giving it to one of the kids for Christmas, holding it back for a birthday in Feb, and who to give it to... obviously we don't need two of those suckers, since they can share and since it is kinda high for a freaking doll, but who shall it be deemed for? I am thinking Rachel since Laura get lots of new things being the oldest, and Emily obviously could care less about Elmo at this point...

I have to freaking go to work tomorrow for some mandatory training... ick...I am sure I could get out of it being I am on maternity leave and all, but apparently its really important training for everyone, and I will need to be on top of it when I go back to work in December, so I have decided to suck it up and go, and just extend my leave by another day. I will be happy to see some of my coworkers, and hey, they are giving us free good food. It's going to be weird to be without the kids all day.

Speaking of which, I am worn out! Dave is back to work, and works nights, so I get all night duty now... not that Emily is tough- she's actually been only waking up once at night usually 5:30am, so that's not bad at all. I start out my days perky trying to be a super mom, trying to make everyone happy, and trying to keep the house clean, making meals for everyone, so by 5pm I have morphed into spastic mom, who is trying not to yell at the kids, and usually failing. By 8pm I am ready to collapse... Dave knows I am beat, so tomorrow night when I get home from my work training we are going to destress at Plaza's and I can taste that yummy jumbo margarita already...



Hollie said...

toys are not as cheap as they used to be! what happen to $5.99?
Your children will love the Elmo you bought. when they're finished with it you can pass it on to cousins, nieces, nephews, etc.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I saw this on GMA the other morning! HA! So fun!

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