Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recent happenings....

Oh my goodness... guess what I have been watching on HBO today??? E.T! My sisters took me when I was itty bitty to see this movie in the theatre when it came out.... I loved it, I got a bit freaked when he got sick, but I became obsessed with ET from that day. I had two ET themed Birthday partys, and just about every ET toy you can imagine...I was just totally in love with it... Laura and Rachel watched it with me a little bit before they needed their naps, and they were in a trance watching as well. I have to buy this movie on DVD for them.

Dave went back to work last night =( I have been very lucky to have a husband able to take off a good amount of time with each baby we have had... Emily was three week old this past Wednesday, so he's been home with me all this time. It was so nice to have his help, especially this time around with two older toddlers, and just nice to be able to spend a lot of time together as a family. He's such a good daddy. He is still hoping to get day shift back soon. He had hoped to have it by the time he went back but it hasn't gone through yet, so he's disappointed about that.

I am on a mission to make a Tulle Skirt for the kids. I know I just bought one the other day, but I have seen the cutest ones on people's blogs that they have made themselves for their kids to play dress up in, and apparently you can make them with out sewing. It sounds like you can just take some elastic and then just tie the tulle on, and add in ribbons for some extra foo foo. So, that is a project I want to do at some point when ever I can get to Michael's or Joanne's to buy what I need. If it works out ok, and I don't make a huge mess of it I will post pics of the kids wearing them.


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