Saturday, October 4, 2008

Growing up?

I think I might be maturing guys...When David and I first started dating I was left alone in his apartment in college for a wee bit, and I took it upon myself to umm look around, ok ok, I was snooping... I went through all his stuff in record time. Please tell me I am not the only crazy person to do this to a boyfriend... and I was horrified when I found in a box pictures of an ex... not just any ex, but someone I knew. I had no idea Dave even dated her much less knew her. She was a chick I went to school with at private school way back in the day, and she was a meanie. She wasn't nice to me, therefore I hated her. So yeah, I found pictures of this chick posing with a freaking winni the pooh stuffed animal trying to look all cute and what not. I was not impressed, and horrified that Dave liked this chick. Rather then keep it cool and pretend I never saw these pictures, I let it slip in a drunken moment that weekend that I knew he dated her. So much for keeping cool!

It's never good to talk about ex's with your current squeeze, nothing good ever comes from those talks, and someone ends up getting their panies in wad and freaking out, or maybe that's just me...

So you guys will be oh so proud of me today, when I spied the winni the pooh chick at the local fall festival today, and I didn't run and hide or jump on Dave's back claiming him as mine. I mean heck, I have three kids with David, and we have been married 5 years now. He knows better then anyone that "it's cheaper to keep her!"



Jaime said...

Good for you! You've prolly read the story about James' ex. I can't imagine what I'd do if I ran into her. LOL.

Jaime said...

Oh yeah. I have the giggles over your current MySpace status. Hope you're not too uncomfortable after that twinkie.