Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some catching up...

Tuesday was a busy day. My parents had plans to go to Williamsburg to do some Christmas shopping, and offered to take some kids, if we needed a break, and Dave said instead I should just go with them without any kids so I could get out for a break, and I jumped on that idea. We went early to the outlets, and I got Emily some really cute shoes from the Polo kids outlet that I am going to give her for Christmas. I also picked up a pair of pants on clearance at the Anne Taylor outlet for work,got a top at Charlotte Russe, and some tights for the girls at Gymboree. So umm only the shoes for Emily are for Christmas, and I had high hopes to do a little more Christmas shopping, but oh well. I need to sit down and figure out what presents I already have for people. I have a good amount of some things for Rachel and Laura, and we have plans to get a two seater battery powered car thingy as their big gift this year, so they are pretty much done, and I have a few family gifts taken care of. I need to get some things for Emily, which will probably be some clothes, diapers, and formula lol.

I tried to find some clothes for myself for my mom to give for Christmas, and I was completely lost. I did find a sweater at J.Crew that I liked, but other then that I was clueless. I am hoping to lose some weight, which may or may not happen, but that makes me scared to shop too much for something I wont be getting for a while. I don't want to get clothes at Christmas and they be to big, or worse, too small. With shirts you can't go to wrong for the most part, but with pants you have be on the ball with the size.

I also go my hair cut and colored. I had some low lights put in and a little strawberry blonde. I really like it, but of course when I have to wash and style it myself it never looks at pretty. I also need a good flat iron... I bought a crappy cheap one at Target a few months ago. I stood their in the aisle debating if I should spend a lot or a little on one and I messed up and tried to be cheap, and I got what I paid for...Some things you just have to suck it up and pay more for, and flat irons happens to be one of them... Lesson learned...

Tuesday night we had open house at Laura's preschool. Basically, we just went to her classroom and she showed us the toys she plays with, and we got to talk to her teachers, and get to know some of the other parents who have kids in her class. Laura is doing better with the drop off at preschool, and I can tell she's learning a lot already.

Last night I also went to the grocery store for my first experience with using the grocery game list, and it went well. I saved $18.00 and spent $26 and got lots of good stuff. Dave was even impressed with what I brought home. I didn't even have a lot of coupons other then what was in Sunday's paper.



Beav's Wife said...

Love the new look-it's super cute!

I bought a Chi flatiron at Target. It's expensive but AWESOME!

Jaime said...

The Chi iron I bought was the best $100 spent. Actually, they have them at Bed Bath and Beyond - you can use the 20% coupon and get them for $80!