Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was tagged by Becca (Pink Polka Dotted Dreams)

Eleven of my Favorite Things:

1. Clothes Shop:

I love Anne Taylor's LOFT, they have cute stuff and good sales, and I heart their clearance racks. I also like Old Navy as their stuff is cheap, and often have cute things. I also really like J.Crew, but not so much my wallet. You know as far as my kids go I am all about Gymboree...and CrewCuts (kids J.Crew), and um I could go on and on...

2. Furniture Shop:

I have been happy with the items we have purchased from Haverty's. I also love Pottery Barn's stuff, but the only furniture I have from them is my kids toy storage unit if that counts... I would kill for the green desk they have out now in the catalog... I can dream!

3. Sweet:

I love sweets...some favs are Carrot Tree Carrot cakes, and as far as that goes any cream cheese icing...I also love Reece Cups... there my crack...

4. City:

I really liked Charleston, SC alot...It was soo pretty...

5. Drink:

Diet coke addict, also like sweet Tea, and of course Margarita's from Plaza with lots of limes and salt

6. Music:

I like just about a little of everything.. you just never know whats going to pop up on my Ipod

7. TV series:

I am all about some TV... god bless the DVR, so I can watch everything I like when I want...current favs are 90210, Gossip Girl, Grey's, True Blood (HBO), Desp. Housewives, Oprah, Martha Stewart....

8. Film:

Terms of Endearment, The Color Purple, Steel Magnolia's

9. Workout:

I like Wii fit's step class! I also like walking, I hate running even when I was skinny and fast I used to cuss inside my head when I had to do it for practices for the sports I was in.

10. Pastries:

Do doughnuts count?

11. Coffee:

I like iced coffee's only with lots of fatty stuff like whip cream and caramel, hence why I don't get them much as one has enough calories in it to fatten up a small colony

I tag anyone with a blog reading this 'cause I am nosey like that!

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