Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I had my mom put a "G" on these place mats that I found at the Dollar Store. I thought they would be cute around the holidays. I have decided I want to learn to make hair bows (the kind for sale at craft shows and what not) I bought some things to make these with, and have looked up some instructions online but I have not done anything yet. Anyone know how to make these things already, cause if so you need to hold a "hair bow camp for me". I am much better at seeing someone do it, rather then re-read directions for 5 hours cause I am slow like that... I also bought the stuff to make the tutu I talked about. Have not done a darn thing though since I have been sick... I think it's just a cold, but it has kicked my butt. Monday morning I was coughing a little, but was trying to ignore it, and I went and walked the Noland Trail (5 mile trail near the house) with a friend. When I got home I was just zonked, and a few hours later I spiked a nice fever. My symptoms are pretty much now a coughing, sore throat, body aches, and chills kinda thing. What sucks worse then being sick? Being sick and trying to take care of a bunch of kids. It sucks let me tell ya. All you want to do is lay down and rest, and the kids have other plans. Most medication out there makes me drowsy as well so that doesn't help. The husband has been off but you see he ended up buying some new TV that will go in the play room and a flipping Play Station 3, so he's been very concerned about these new play toys, rather then sick wife. I am a bit annoyed as the only thing I could think of to get him for Christmas was a PlayStation 3, so now I don't know what the heck to get him. What are other people getting their husbands? Or am I the only crazy person trying to get my shopping done already?


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Beav's Wife said...

Oh no-I hope you're feeling better.

I have no idea what I'm getting Dave. I need to start getting motivated to Christmas shop---I love to do it, it's just so hard with little ones!