Saturday, October 4, 2008


So I have decided I am not mature after all, because I just spent an hour crying because my husband didn't get me flowers when I had Emily, or anything else for that matter. I tried to tell myself when I noticed this 2 weeks ago it was no biggie, but there's not use trying to pretend, I am simply pissed about it. I know its silly damit, and immature, but seriously... men, even if its your 10th kid buy your wife something, or pick some flowers from your neighbors yard at the very least. Women deserve freaking medals after giving birth and carrying a child for 9 months. With Laura I got flowers, and a sappy card from him, with Rachel, he got flowers for me when I got home, with Emily zip flowers were to be seen what-so-ever. I'm bitter damit, and acting my shoe size.



jaime said...

The husband didn't give me flowers or anything after I had Aidan. It sorta bothered me, but I'll admit that he did make up for it at Christmas!

Beav's Wife said...

sing it sister! my hubby didn't get me flowers with either kid and i was so hurt. he got me gifts which i loved but still...isn't that something they should just know???