Friday, May 30, 2008

Needing to Vent

So I brought my laptop on my Cooperstown, NY adventure, and I will fill you in all the details of how awesome the trip has been. My nephew who is 14 came a long, and hes getting on my freaking nerves...My dad spent and OBSENE amount of money on him yesterday and today... seriously very very obsene... I will post a picture later of his loot... ANYWAYS- we spent today and yesterday doing whatever he wanted to do... The plan is to come back Sunday. This has always been the plan. Since we have seen everything here in Coopertown we are going to leave tomorrow morning and stop in PA for the day and do some shopping, back near the amish villages that have the really cool outlets, spend the night and come back Sunday as planned. Well, I guess since Jake has done everything he wanted to do, and had my dad spent seriously probably $1000 on baseball crap, he called his mom and wanted her to meet us somewhere so he could go home a day early. He also swiped $10 from me but thats another bitter story.

I am going to the hot tub and I am going to shop my heart out tomorrow.

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Katie said...

Try reverse psych on him. Tell him that you need him to stay and shop with you and Elaine so he can carry your shopping bags:)