Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whiter teeth?

So yesterday I went to Target. I scored the cutest Madras plaid kiddy pool for the kids, and I can see myself sitting in it this summer possibly too lol. I also bought Crest White strips. I have never used them before, and I decieded to see if they really work. I am supposed to put them on twice a day 30 minutes a pop, and let me tell you its the weirdest thing ever. I put them on this morning while I commuted to work, cause that was one of the boxes suggestions. I felt like a fool driving with them on my teeth with my mouth partially open. I guess I don't have to have my mouth open a little but it feels even weirder with my mouth shut. When I took them out it left a gel on my teeth, and I didn't want to swallow the gel residue, so I spent 5 min or so spitting in the parking lot before going into work. Hopefully noone saw me lol. I also had the taste of peroxide in my mouth which made me want to gag. So I am going to try to use these all up, and hopefully they will get easier to use, and I wont be such a fool spitting every where. Has anyone tried them before and have any luck with them? I know the best way to go is to have them done by your dentist, but I am not willing to dish out the money, and I have heard some people who have had it done say it made their teeth very sensitive, so I guess in 13 more days I will know for myself if I just totally wasted my money or not!


Erin said...

I've been using Crest White strips for quite some time...they definitely work well for me, although I know everyone's teeth are different!

If I'm not using the strips at home (where I can brush afterwards) I usually use a tissue to help get the excess gel off, or rinse with water. Sometimes they do increase the sensitivity of my teeth, but it doesn't happen each time (only once or twice that I can think of) and it is usually only while I'm using them, not after the 14 days are up.

Hope that helps :)

Jenny said...

CHEESE! I totally picture you smiling and having one of those sparkly things shining brightly in your mouth. LOL!!!

Jaime said...

I've used the white strips before and they worked well. What actually worked better were the Aquafresh trays. They stayed on better and didn't seem to be as messy.