Saturday, May 24, 2008


Though in general I have been looking rough, my feet have never been looking better. I have always been a big fan of the pedicure, but good lord people, I have had three in the month of May. Yes I know I know...It started with me wanting to take my mom in for one for her birthday and of course getting one for myself. Then one two more seperate occasions I had some people ask me to go with them as they had never had one day before... I am trying to reason that I wont get one done for a while now or at least until I mess this last one up that I had done, and I have also been telling myself with the foot and leg cramps that this is a nice treat for me. Never mind the current cost of gas, and the fact that I had wanted to spend my extra fun money on makeup I am in desperate need of right now rather then foot care. I am running super low on my mineral makeup, and the foundation I have been using I have been squeezing to death trying to force out the last little bits. I am also in search of a good blush/bronzer. I windowshopped a little at the mall last night with my little family, but didn't find any makeup, and in fact my only purchase at the mall was a free panty that I had a coupon for at Victoria's Secret. I swear almost every panty I own right now is from one of their free coupons lol.

I have been reading other people's blog about their favorite makeup products, and I am after this bronzer/blush thats called Laguna Beach, and of course its a upscale makeup counter that my local malls don't have. (I will post pics of the stuff at the top of my blog as I am too lazy to put it in down here where it belongs) I also want to try this Estee Lauder stuff that is supposed to give you a little glow and shimmer and smell super yummy.... I have been using Vaseline lotion that has a bit of sunless tanner in it, and its not bad, but I have not mastered how to put it on my feet without having some minor streaking issues. Nothing too terrible, but could be better.

So do not ask me to get a pedicure with you for a good 3-4 weeks as the very thought may be too tempting for me to turn down, and I need to waste my extra fun money on makeup, not my freaking toes.

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Jenny said...

how does it smell? i always gag at the smell of tanning cremes.
you totally deserve a pedi! every preggo mommy does---as many as you want!!!!