Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blah days...

So yesterday Dave had a softball game and my kids were a bit high strung and wanted to spend the entire time running circles, attempting to walk off with strangers, eat food from stangers, you get the picture... someone asked me near the end of the game how old my kids were and I promptly told them that Laura was 2, Rachel was 1, and because my husband and I are retarded we are having another one in 4 months. It was just that type of day lol.

Today wasn't much better as I oinked out on krisy creams 'cause they were just talking to me from their case at the gas station this morning...cause the big bowl of suggary ceral just wasn't enough I guess... AND at work I sneezed and was this close from peeing in my pants....classy huh?

I am also starting to show I guess cause someone at work asked me if I was pregnant today, either that or all this healthy food I have been eatting (Ben and Jerry's, Krispy Cream, etc) is starting to pack on. Probably a bit of both!

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Jenny said...

Love me some krisy kreme's! You make me laugh and just for the all the pics I've seen of you, you look itty bitty!!!