Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bike Helmet being held for ransom...

So I have been trying to decide if I should post this story as many of you may think I am being a huge brat. I have decided even if you think I am being a brat, you will at least see some humor in this and have a laugh. Before I begin the story I need to explain to you that we are still using baby bottles with Rachel. YES I know, I am a horrible mother, cut me some slack though, and just let me worry about that, and for the record I saw a picture of Tom Cruise's baby with a bottle and she's a heck of a lot older then my youngest. We are working on the situation- Rachel just has not given in yet.

ANYWAYS- when Dave and I went to South Carolina Dave's parents had them the majority of the weekend. They were left with a an extra pack -n- play for someone to sleep in, our nicer double stroller, two over night bags with clothes, milk, snacks, food, a good supply of bottles and sippy cups, and a crazy amount of diapers. When we were on our way back Sunday I explained to Dave how great it would be after a 7 hour drive if we could just go straight to our house and have his parents meet us there with the kids. They live in the same city as us, but their house is several miles out of our way. I also thought it would be easier so we could get everything back as our big 'ole car was loaded down with our stuff we took and bought on the trip. So Dave calls them, and he wont directly ask them 'cause he's a big puss like that, and apparently after the conversation he has agreed for us to just pick them up on the way home. I kept my cool and didn't say a word...

So we get our kids and right away we realize most of the stuff will have to stay with his parents as we don't have room in our car (duh)and some of the stuff is missing. We are missing a sippy cup and a bottle. I can deal with a lost sippy cup, we have oodles and their fairly cheap, but a lost bottle.... hello!!??!?! We only have like 3 now as some have cracked and just plain got worn out, but those suckers are expensive. His parents tell us they will look around and let us know, which I doubt they did, and we are sent home with one less bottle, and they clearly lost it somewhere in their house.

SO fast forward a bit, we get our double stroller back and pack-n-play a week later or so. Since Laura has been wanting to walk when we are out and about I had just been using a single stroller for Rachel so I had not even messed with the double stroller at all. Anyways, on my mall/gymboree adventure with the kids by myself, I take out the stroller from the back of the car and notice its a bit heavier then usual. I pop it open and I am horrified to discover the bottom basket under the stroller is stuffed 5 or 6 empty Gatorade bottles, 3 bags of open potato chip bags, some chips spilt in the basket, a bike helmet, and low and behold, a Advent baby bottle without about 3 inches of mold growing in it. I threw everything out in the back of my car and cussed my inlaws out silently. I threw away the baby bottle rather then attempt to save it. I was pretty hot. First of all, it took us about a week or so to get the rest of our stuff back, second of all- it just shows me how hard they looked for the bottle, and third of all, what is with the Sanford and Son junkyard in my stroller??

So on Mother's Day we go to his parents and Dave informs his mom and dad of the findings, and his parents laugh and say they will take the helmet back. Yeah right guys, I have that joker hidden, even from my husband, and I will gladly return it to my mother in law or father in law once they buy me a new baby bottle. Call me a brat all you want, but since I am pregnant, I am going to use that excuse on my behavior on this one. No bottle, no helmet.

For the record my mom lost a bottle this week as well, but she had the common courtesy to track it down, so its been saved. She wouldn't have turned my stroller into a garbage can and left it in there to mold over.

So thats my evil pregnancy mood related story for the day.


Jaime said... least your inlaws will watch your kids ;)

Jenny said...

That is SO something that would happen in our house! I'd hold on to that helmet too...oooops and maybe leave a nice moldy gift for them inside. I'm evil.