Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend....

The weekend was great, and even better cause Dave was home which is rare on weekends. Saturday we spent getting ready for the cookout we were having Sunday. Hence why I had a doo-rag on my head for part of the day. I mean I had to at least look like I was working hard to get ready. Later that evening Dave and I had dinner at a new Mexican place in City Center that is yummy, and then it was back to work with cooking some food, and cleaning the house for Sunday.

I thought the cookout was fun. We mainly just have family over, that right there is enough people. The kids had fun playing around the kiddy pool, and Laura ended up in her bathing suit before the end of the party after soaking herself in her regular clothes. After everyone left I rode my bike to the pool for an hour of "me time" while the kids napped. Monday I had three hours of "me time" at the pool during their nap time, and I burnt the hoo-hoo out of myself. Dave was supposed to get the kids together after their naps and ride up to the pool and I kept looking out for him and he never came, so I rode home and they were about to leave then, so we rode the bikes back to the pool and let the kids play. I am so glad our pool is open, and happy its just a bike ride away. The kids ride in the bike trailer thingy the in-laws got me for my birthday last year. Later that evening his mom wanted to watch the kids again, so we took advantage of that and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. Normally thats not the type of movie I would go see, as I like the chick flicks, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Indiana Jones flicks as I remember watching them when I was little and being all excited. It also makes me remember games in PE class we used to play at my elementy school that had a Indiana Jones theme. My favorite game was this jumping game where we would pretend to jump over the temple of doom or some mess. I can't remember the specifics but I remember being really excited about it lol.

This Thursday morning I am heading out of town to go to Cooperstown,NY with my parents and oldest nephew to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I have traveled a lot this year, and this will probably be my last trip for a while or at least last trip without my husband and kids. We are thinking about doing a small weekend in Nags Head this summer just the hubby and kids depending on how I am feeling. Anyways, I am excited about going, not excited about the long drive. I used to be all about baseball and softball back in the day so it will be neat to go there. I am attempting to take my laptop so my nephew and I can watch movies on the way up and back. He's not looking forward to the long drive either.

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Jenny said...

LOVE the red white and blue! Y'all look so cute!!!