Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SO Easter was nice and pretty laid back. The kids woke up and checked out their Easter loot from the Easter Bunny, and then we had a nice family lunch at my parents. Rachel has been fine ever since we got home from the Emergency Room Saturday night so shes doing fine.
I had a doctor appointment today and got to see my little booger again on the ultrasound. They wanted to check on my due date to make sure they didn't need to tweak it any. I am 14 weeks and a few days a long. Next appointment will be the big ultrasound, and then a few weeks after that I am to get another anatomy ultrasound done. I had one of those when I was pregnant with Rachel, as I was having some issues, but apparently they make it standard practice now, as when they said they were going to set one up I started freaking, but they said everything is fine they just have everyone get one now for a more detailed look. So pretty soon we will know what our little surprise is going to be. Can't wait to find out so we can get ready.
I am still not really showing, I feel bloated but as far as gaining weight I have been holding steady and my clothes still fit me fine. I always heard after your first one you show quicker but I didn't notice anything different between when I started showing with Laura and Rachel, and it seems this one will be about the same. I guess between the 4-5th month is when I had to give up some of my more fited pants and put on those crappy stretch pants. I am not looking forward to being a cow in the summer I will say that much. I have had the luxury of spending my 1st two pregnancies huge in the winter, and it was always so nice to come home from work and just put on some sweats and bum around. I shudder at the concept of shorts or sleeveless tops while pregnant, but I guess I will have to get over it!

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Jenny said...

Poor Rachel---and poor you guys! Sometimes I think it's all harder on the parents than it is the wee ones. I'm glad she's doing ok! I can't wait to hear what you're having. Did you find out the gender of your girls beforehand? We always have but Dave REALLY wants #3 (God-willing) to be a surprise...I hate surprises!