Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eve Drama

Saturday was beautiful outside so most of the day we spent it outside so the girls could play. Dave had been working the night before so he was sleeping inside. The girls had fun playing with their outside toys, tormenting the dog with a spray bottle, and having papa push them in their Fisher Price cars.

We went inside around 3:30pm and Laura goes to this cabinet by the stove. All the other cabinets have the child proof locks on them, but this one doesn't as theres not much in it. In the far back of it is a punch bowl and cups, but its so far back and heavy its never been an issue until today.....

Laura somehow gets one of the punch bowl glasses, and she looks at me with it. I look back at her and tell her to put it down, and she deciedes to throw it. The glass breaks a mere inches away from where Laura is sitting inside the cabinet, and I am freaking out as Laura had taken her shoes off already and is now trying to get out of the cabinet. I am trying to keep her in the cabinet while picked up the glass and put it in a bag, and the freaking glass has shattered in a billion pieces. Laura is crying because I litterally had to resort to closing her in the cabinet, as I am terrified she is going to step in glass, and here comes Rachel to find out what in the world is going on... and of course she manages to cut her finger on some glass, which causes me to yell for Dave to wake up and help me. Dave later describes my call for help as a 12 year old girl yelling into a megaphone. He runs in an grabs Rachel while I get Laura out and out of danger while I vacume up the glass, and dispose of it. Rachel at this point has blood everywhere, and I am gathering things as I plan on taking her to the ER right away. Dave yells at me and tells me to calm down as by now I am crying, and says she doesn't need to go, but the finger is gushing blood everywhere and we couldn't get it to stop, so I run Laura next door, scaring my parents who see me with blood all over me, and I yell to them I have to go to the ER. Mom chases me out the door asking what in the world happend, and as both Dave and I head out the door to the car we fill her in as much as we can.

Our hospital is just a few miles away thankfully, and of course by the time we got to the ER her finger has stopped bleeding, and it looks like hardly a papercut. The ER was great about getting us back in a room right away, I guess they didn't want us scaring others as we looked like we had been in a massacre. Rachel was calm by this point, and no glass was in her cut. She didn't even need stitches, but as it was a little gaping they used dermabond glue on it, and covered it with some tape.

Thank goodness she was ok. This was the first time I have had to take a child to the emergency room and I failed to remain calm and collected in an emergency. Dave has been joking on me all night as I was a spaz. But whatever, it scared me, and one of my babies was hurt.

We decieded to come home and just order some pizza, and let the kids play in the house away from any sharp objects the rest of the night. Laura apologized to Rachel for throwing the glass, and I beat myself up for having it in a cabinet they could get in, and my mom God bless her, had come over while we were gone and cleaned up the blood trail we left behind.

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