Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random happenings...

Yesterday I did some mondo spring cleaning. Laura woke up early as could be yesterday- very unlike her, and so from 6:30am I was up doing some house work. Not that anyone can even tell now cause finger prints are back on windows, and toys are constantly scattered under foot, and no sooner do I vacuum does someone manage to create a crumb mess again. I refuse to give up though.

We spent some more time outside yesterday as well since it was so nice. We went for a few walks around the block and I even went to an estate sale a few blocks over, which was fruitless as everything was picked over, and things I did like were priced too high for what it was worth. I had planned on going to a few garage sales this morning but this morning it was so chilly I didn't want to step outside at all. Got to love this areas weather. I really wanted to go to some garage sales too. Now most of time its just junk, but its so cool to find a treasure, or even just a good book to read.

Next weekend in the Spring Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond, and I am super excited about going. I am going to head to the Friday showing with my parents and kiddos. The Spring show is never as big as the Christmas show, but its still pretty neat. They have the cutest stuff, and its hard to use self control on the wallet but hey I find a way to reason all of my purchases.

So I still have not told on my bosses I am pregnant. I told one of them, mainly because she knew I had been dieting, and she spied me eating a huge nasty, oil dripping sub sandwich the other day and then proceeded to ask me how my diet was going. So in my defense I told her about my little secret. She is I guess my main boss cause she does my pay roll and I have to turn in my medical leave paperwork to her, so I guess its best for her to know as possible, maybe she will keep that in mind when she tells me what my raise is this year. She was excited for me though.

I almost told my other boss during a meeting Thursday. We were having quarterly review with the doctor, and I was going to drop the news then, but I just couldn't spit it out. Soon enough the belly will make it obvious.

Tomorrow I am heading to a baby shower for a friend who is having a baby girl, and hopefully I can hit up Costco for some stuff. I ran in there Thursday evening for just milk, an saw a gazillion things we need, but as Dave and the kids were waiting out in the car I stuck to my milk mission. They have their plants and bushes in, and some beach gear. We need some more bushes for the yard, and we also need some beach towels and sunscreen.

Our next big project is going to be a swing set for the yard. We started talking about getting one last year, and now Laura is at least old enough to enjoy one, so I imagine in the next few weeks we will have one. Dave says he saw one at Sam's Club he liked, an I remember one at BJ's that was pretty cool so we will hopefully settle on one soon, and spend a weekend putting it together. Dave and I helped put one together for a preschool at college back in the day and it wasn't too bad, so hopefully we can remember those skills.

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