Friday, September 10, 2010

*We are having some people over for dinner tonight, I made Pioneer Woman's cheesy olive bread to have as an app., Dave begged me to leave the olives out cause he's a wuss. I said some nasty things to him.

*Despite me not keeping track of my WW points worth a crap I have managed to lose what I gained when we went camping and then some, bring my total loss to a smidge over 10 lbs, but I plan on eatting Dave's share of said olive bread and consuming all kinds of other tasty treats, so I guess I shouldn't get all excited just yet.

* My husband got Facebook after telling me for years I was a retard for being on it.

* I had a employee level coupon for the Yankee Candle Factory and OMG, they have the cutest halloween decoration stuff right now, and I had two items in my hands, but I put the items back and bought two gifts to give at Christmas presents instead... I am almost cried.

* My husband says with all the halloween decorations we have up that we look like Wiccans.

* I was uber productive last weekend, and I was also using some Nasal spray for sinus issues... I learned today that Nasal Spray is similar to speed, so umm that explains the motivatin I had going on.

*Maybe I should buy a bunch of nasal spray and open a booth in the carpool line and sell some some to the other moms.



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AverettLadyNana said...

Perhaps you should give your mother and father some... nasal spray that is...