Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Picks

Since I have had all my Halloween decorations out for a while now,  I have been biting at the bit to head to the pumpkin patch.  It finally opened up, and Dave was off, so today was the day.   Every year since Laura was a baby we have gone out to a pumpkin patch about an hour away from here.  They have the normal pumpkins, but this patch also has a ton of unique types of pumpkins that I didn't think exhisted outside of the Martha Stewart magazine (all hail the queen of halloween, she rocks the holiday like no other).

I made the excutive decision to just get the unique pumpkins rather then the standard carving pumpkins, because I can honestly get the regular ones at Walmart cheaper.  This way I had an excuse to get a ton of the others.  It's hard for me to use restraint out in the patch, because I just want to take them all home with me. The girls had a blast running up and down the patch trying to find the ones they liked.  They stashed a ton of the little ones in the back of our car.  It was super hot today (over 90 and it's almost October!), but I still made sure everyone was wearing some hallween clothing.  Heck my dad even sported a polo shirt with a pumpkin embroidered on it.

After we paid for the pumpkins we ate icecream and shopped in the farm's gift shop.  They have such cute hallween crafts for sale at super cheap prices.  I picked up a few decorations, because there's always room for some extra halloween goodness.

I stacked some of the pumpkins on our urns on our porch again, and tomorow I am going to get the kids to glitter a few of the smaller ones they got.

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Jenny said...

Super cute! I'm so ready for some fall weather to go along with all this halloweenie goodness!