Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Things.

*Fall softball has started up for me. We had our first games yesterday. It was fun and I was happy with how I played, but man on man...I think each year I hurt more and more after the games. Oh how I remember the good 'ole days of being able to play a freaking field hockey game, then go play a fall ball baseball game, and feel great. Yepp. those days are behind me. Now after the softball games I can hardly sit down without wincing and looking like I am about to collapse. I have had to icy hot my arm as well. Energy is wasted on youth...Today I chugged coffee and diet coke, and all I wanted to do was curl up in my car during my lunch break and take a nap.

* I'm so excited that the fall tv line up in back. Of course if I spent as much time working out as I do watching TV maybe I would be in better shape to play softball.

* My middle baby had such a bad Monday... she woke up with gum all waded up in her hair, NIGHTMARE to get out... and then ended the day by falling while trying to get in the shower and busting her lip. Her week can only get better I hope.

*Why do these Gossip Girl spoiled brats have crappy cell phones. They totally should be rocking some Iphones. If Serena sports Chanel handbags she needs a better phone. (more proof that I watch too much TV)

*I have been in amazement for a few weeks about how easy meatballs are to make. I had it in my head it was complicated. This doesn't mean I wont be buying the frozen ones though if I need a bunch for my bbq cranberry meatballs. I can always lie and tell everyone that they are homemade.

* I sported leggings and a longish sweater on a trip to Michael's (fall madness sale woohoo) last Sunday in an attempt to be stylish, and I felt half naked the entire time.

* We are going to the pumpkin patch sometime this weekend if Dave gets a day off he put in for. I can't wait to get a bunch of wonderful pumpkins!


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