Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

* I had my hair did yesterday, I had more low lites put in, and my hair is a lot darker now. I really like it, but of course a few people today who are rude scrunched their noses up at it. Bitches. I mean seriously, some people need a filter, and a full length mirror.

* I am convinced that I need a children's bible to understand much anything in my neighborhood bible study. Maybe I should I have put myself in vacation bible school this summer rather then my kids.

* How lame was the season finale of True Blood? I am usually a big fan of Sookie, but her acting was horrible. I am going to really miss my Sunday night fix though of all the vampire goodness.

* I need an eyebrow wax stat.

* I talked smack about all the flannel/plaid shirts that are coming back in style, saying I would never buy one... so I am embarassed to admit I really really want to find a cute longish one that I could wear as a dress with some leggings... oh dear lord did I really write that.... Costco had a really cute perfect one in a few weeks ago, but of course it was a special event and they are all gone now. Please don't tell me I will actually have to go in Forever 21 and buy something similar. I don't even know if they will let people my age in there anymore.


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