Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 going on 16...

Our youngest turned 2 yesterday! I am a wee bit sad that she's not a itty bitty baby anymore. With having three so close in age it's been a bit of a whirl wind. Time has gone by so fast. We are almost done with diapers, strollers, sippy cups, cribs, changing tables, etc. Some of that is awesome ( hello we had three in diapers for a bit, that was expensive!). But the rest is bitter sweet.

I think Emily enjoyed her day, though it did start out stressful. She was scheduled for her 2 year old check up yesterday, at the same time the others had to be dropped off for school, so Dave took her to the doctor while I did drop off, and finished errand running for her party. Dave called me in a panic as the office staff told him she didn't have an appointment. I had the appointment card at my work on my memo board, so thankfully a wonderful co-worker was able to fax it to the docs office to prove a solid point. Doctors office got all cranky, but after Dave flipped out on them she got seen. They also mucked up with not getting back to us about her tubes for her ears, but had set up a consult day and time with out even letting us know or even asking what was a good day for us. I am going to try to let this blow over as usually I rave about our kids doctor office. But this whole incident did not set the tone very well for the rest of the day. Also, my whole hair therapy post dug up a crazy amount of bad memories that just put me in a foul mood. Did I mention I am PMSing?

I got flustered while grocery shopping for food for the party as I was an idiot and left my list at home, after finally finishing that task , I caught my parents dog laying in a massive hole in our flower bed that I had fixed the night before from his antics. I ran him off, and then started on the sauce and party prepping, which took me honestly from the time I got home from that until the party started.

I am already flustered from the days events when my younger nephew embarrasses me in front of guests as he didn't recognize Emily as it has been that long since he has seen her. He thought she was my friends kid and was shocked that she knows how to walk. That made me upset as I hate that my sister and her kids have distanced themselves from us after the whole blaming my kids for almost killing my dad. I miss my sister and I miss seeing her and the boys. She didn't even come to the party, or bother letting me know she wasn't showing up. Ouch.

Then on top of making food for about 25 people, I had to make my dad a special meal as he doesn't eat spagetti. Of course I didn't cook his meal long enough, so I felt bad about screwing up his dinner, and then I just got overwhelmed as my house then became chaotic with a lof of people, and my older kids wanting to open up Emily's gifts, and spazing out because they are excited people are over. Which just made me miss my sister more, because she always would know what to do, and be helpful in times like that and help me calm down and actually would help me rather then get in my way.

Did I mention I didn't cook enough spagetti sauce I made the same exact amount a year and half ago for my other daughters party and we had more people and we had enough and leftovers. I also ran out of ice cream. Yes, I spent a lot of time trying to plan this party, and spent the whole day getting ready for it, just to screw up and spaz out anyways. Mommy Failure.

Of course 2 year olds don't care about the details that I beat myself up about. She was happy to see her family and friends and get attention, and though I feel like a failure, what all that really matters is that she is happy and that she enjoyed herself. I learned that I think it might be in our best interest to have future parties at Plaza Azteca, where I don't have to cook, clean, and freak out, and the margaritas just flow like water. I totally know why Chucky Cheese has beer available now. It's genious!


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