Thursday, September 2, 2010

Classroom visits!

Today was "meet the teacher day" at school. I get so worked up about all these things, because I am a goober, and I was one of those kids that loved the first day of school and all the back to school prepping. I found the girls dresses on super sale at Target a few weeks ago, and had my mom monogram them. What would I do without my mom's talents? The girls were very excited about seeing the classrooms today and meeting the teachers. I am very happy that Rachel has Laura's teachers from last year. Actually every year so far Rachel has had Laura's past teachers, but I honestly think that this teacher is the best teacher in the whole school. Seriously, she's amazing with the kids, and just so postive. We are familar with Laura's teachers this year as one was a helper her first year, and another is someone who goes to our local pool. They seem very nice, and I feel guilty for being a bit nervous since it's the lead teachers first year being lead, but like I have said before I feel that Laura is very smart for her age, and self motivated, so I have to chill out and just be thankful she has such loving teachers.

I can't help but feel a bit emotional as it's Laura's last year at this school. Just two years ago I remember waddeling into the school holding her little hand as I was 9 months pregnant with Emily, and Laura was starting her first day of school as a 2 year old, and I cried when I left her as I couldn't believe she was in preschool. For the record there were a few other crazy moms crying too so it just wasn't the pregnancy hormones. I have just been so happy to have my wee ones this preschool, and I can't believe it's Laura's last year!

Emily just meets the cut off to be in the 2 year old class this year, but I made the decision not to put her in, as I don't feel as if she is ready yet. She would be the youngest in her class, and I just do not feel she would get a lot of it. They also no longer had the one day a week program, and I felt that two days would be too much for her, and also the tuition for all of this would be crazy. I wouldn't mind paying it if I felt it would be beneficial for her, but I feel it would be a waste at this point. I feel good with my choice, and in January I may put her in then at that point if there are still openings and if she's showing that she is ready.


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