Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glitter Pumpkins

This morning we glittered some mini pumpkins.  I laid out newspaper, some dishes with some Elmer's glue in them, some el cheapo paint brushes, and told the girls to brush glue on the pumpkins.

 Once the glue was on, then the girls got to "shake it like a salt shaker" .  I bought some orange glitter from Martha's glitter line this past week with a nice coupon.  The kiddos did a good job shaking, and when they got sick of shaking, then I went back over them to make sure they were covered all the way with the glitter.  I will say though glitter can be kinda expensive, a jar will last you forever.  Just make sure you funnel back in your excess.
 Once they were done we put them on a pizza box to dry.   Then we cleaned up funneled back in some of the excess glitter back into the jar, and played.
We put the pumpkins back into my Longaberger candy dish once they dried, and set it into my Southern Living tray.  Obviously I am a huge sucker for at home shows.  I always try to plot my purchases at these things when I get invited, and then once I get there I lose my damn mind and buy everything.  Which is why I get invited to them in the first place probably.

These were so easy, and honestly not as messy as I thought it would get with three kiddos. 

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Anonymous said...

Pumpkins & glitter...can't get any better than that ;)

Jamie :)