Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's mainly PMS driven

The husband, bless his heart, has one weekend off a month, The poor guy probably feels pulled in a million directions, as when he's off he's usually hit with a million things to do, or places to go. I also know he needs some rest and relaxation, and time to do manly guy things with his friends and family such as fish or golf. He went fishing last weekend, and I am not going to lie, I want to spend some time as a family for my own selfish needs, and get some things done around the house. I was excited that Dave is home again this coming Saturday, so I was going to have half a weekend at least. This means with out fail some other plans will suddenly arise.... On cue this morning Dave mentions he was asked to go up to his grandparents place (who are deceased) and rake some leaves. Said area is 3 hours away, so this would take up the entire day. I am going to be brutally honest. Personally, I want my husband home, and I don't want us to make a family day of it, because 1. it's long drive and not exactly an exciting area and add three kids in the mix and we are talking this is torture 2. we have enough to do around here such as get our own leaves up, and 3. I think it's weird they have not sold the house or divided things up yet. They will go over so many months to check up on it, but that's all thats been done. I understand not wanting to let go, but after so long it gets to be weird, and I rather not be aiding in the process. It's not exactly a vacation spot by any means so it seems a bit wasteful, and sad that what will probably happen is the place will be broken in to, etc, or just slowly waste away.

When my granny was no longer able to stay in her home my family did move fast with renting her house out and dividing her things up between family. It made things easier, and her valuable items have been well cared for, cherished, etc. We didn't leave it as a museum so things could get musty and waste away. In all seriousness, my husband mentioned he wanted to get some gun that belonged to his grandad and fix them up, that were just layingn around in a basement, and another family member head started rotating exorcist style. He ended up sneaking the sucker out behind her back. So sad.

So have I shared my thoughts with Dave about not wanting to go? You betcha. He totally understands and shares my exact thoughts on the entire situation and thinks it's weird. But he hasn't said yet if he is going or not. For the love of Jesus, let me have one freaking day at home with my husband on a weekend to take care of our own house that we live in.... WORD.


TrailerTrashQueen said...

I sooo agree with you- and as a mom and wife to a husband that is frequently working rather than being home- i would tell him to either stay home or regret it lol

Jenny said...

I totally agree with you. I sure hope he stays home and that you guys can just be together.