Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas sneaks into the house...

I know we just freaking celebrated Halloween, and Thanksgiving isn't here yet... but Christmas is slowly sneaking into the house... The pink tree is now up in the girls playroom. They had a blast helping put the decorations on it. I wont lie, I love this tree probably more then the girls. I love the pink color, I love the girly ornaments, it's just really cute.

Last year I decieded I wanted to do a tropical tree in addition to the pink tree and family tree. I have been stalking bargain stores for a white tree.... Big lots had one but it was only 4' tall... Target had one, but it was $200, and that's nuts. I think I am going to go with a 6.5' one from Walmart for $40, and I hope to pick it up tonight...per the website it's in stock just waiting on me to take it home... I can't wait to start working on it!



Veronica said...

I totally can't believe you already started with Christmas. I put out 5 whole Halloween decorations and have it gathered in a pile on my dresser and can't even manage to get it back in the box.

TrailerTrashQueen said...

Oh it is almost completley done in my house! haha! I'm going to finish tonight hopefully- its snowing out and it just puts me in the mood. After thanksgiving I will go cut down a tree... then it will be soooo fab!