Sunday, November 22, 2009

What shall I read next?

I just read two books from my local library this past week. The first one was The Red Tent. This was something totally not me, but it wasn't that bad. It kept my interest. It was kinda weird, and I kept waiting for something major to happen, which never really did. But it was all in all ok, and interesting.

The second book was by my all time favorite author, Wally Lamb. I always say She's Come Undone in my favorite book. It's perfection. I read it during a huge transition in my life, (right before leaving for college), and a lot happend that summer that I could relate to within this book. I have re- read that sucker many times,and will always love it. Anyways, the book I just read by him was called "Wishing and Hoping" It's a Christmas story, and set back in the 60's. It was cute, and a quick uplifting read. Totally not as good as "She's Come Undone" but hey. Speaking of which, I have heard for years that they are making a movie out of that book, and I hope they do, and it better not let me down! I actually have a postcard from Wally Lamb, as I wrote him a fan letter cause I am a big geek like that. Hey, I thought I was pretty hot stuff to get a personal post card from him that he took the time to write and sign for me.


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