Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Rambles

First and foremost, I have to mention that my father in law had triple heart bypass surgery today, and did well. Dave has been visiting him lots, and stayed in the waiting room all this morning while his dad was in surgery. I hope to go see him maybe tomorrow, once he is out of ICU. The kids are not allowed in the hospital, and they are going nuts asking about Grandpa. He’s a wonderful man, so please keep him in your thoughts, and wish him a speedy recovery.
I am almost done with my Christmas shopping! Can’t believe I am not done already, but hey… I honestly just have some gift cards to buy, and I can probably get them all done at my local grocery store since they have that nice gift card set up with every gift card known to man. Don’t you just love that! I ordered Dave’s big gift today, after I went to every Lowe’s and Home Depot in the immediate area trying to find the dag on thing. Speaking of which, if you try to go to those stores early in the morning, you will notice everyone there shopping too is Mexican. I settled with ordering it off Amazon.Com, and it is supposed to come on Christmas Eve. That’s cutting it close…. but oh well, at least it’s free shipping…
Next week I am working Monday, and then taking the rest of the week off. I hope to do some fun things with the girls while I am home with them. Maybe do some baking, play some games, go see home Christmas lights, etc etc.
Laura had a Christmas program yesterday where she sang some cute Christmas songs. She was adorable! She was all into it with hand motions etc, I am very proud of her. Rachel’s age group doesn’t do any programs, but tomorrow I am the parent helper, and I am bringing in some things for snack time. The girls already brought home their gifts to Dave and I, that they made. Laura made an ornament with her picture on it that is in the shape of an angel, and Rachel made and ornament with her picture that looks like a snow globe. They were so proud to give them to us, and I know I will treasure them forever.



Jenny said...

I'm praying for your FIL. Keep us posted.

I can't wait to see what Jack made. I assume we'll get it tomorrow at his Christmas party. Of course, he's been telling me every day after school, "I can't tell you what I made today, it's a secret!" :0)

AverettLadyNana said...

The ones you made are still hung on my tree each year in a place of honor...and the wreath you made from tissue paper...Just realized don't recall the macaroni wreaths being seen this year.