Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Topics

Today in my email in-box I got my local libraries newsletter. I was glancing over some of events they were having, checking out when story times are etc, when I saw this : Nov. 10, Wii Celebrate Vets: In celebration of Veteran's Day, Pearl Bailey Library teens will show their appreciation by teaching local veterans how to play games on the Wii system. I couldn’t help but crack up. I love my Wii system, though truth be told I have not played it in a very long time as my batteries have been dead on the remote and I have been too busy to get around to replacing them. What a way to celebrate Veterans day though huh? In all honesty, I do know that Wii does have benefits for older folks who may not be able to get out to a bowling alley, but can bowl in their home, but the idea of a Vet celebration with it cracks me up. In all honesty I would like to just go and watch these men learn this.

P.S I am halfway through with Tori Spelling’s first book- sTori Telling. It’s been like reading a favorite gossip magazine, I like it even better then her second book that I read last week. I have to admit, I do like Tori now after reading her books, but the mama issues are crazy! What a cold person Tori makes her sound like. If anything the books have made me glad to have such a awesome mom.
Next on my list to check out from the library for myself is a book called The Red Tent. This one is going to be something kind of different for me, and it’s a biblical fiction. A lady I met at my girls gymnastic center was telling me about how her reading group had read it and how good it was. We shall see!



Jamie said...

The Red Tent has been on my list for a few years, but I still haven't read it :( I have heard awesome things about it!

wife.mom.nurse said...

That wii thing is so cute and funny :)

I will have to read Tori's book. I want to like her more ;)

Veronica said...

I read the red tent....my copy went straight to the salvation army.