Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Morning Reflections....

Emily was baptized this past Sunday. The pastor came over to meet us as agreed last Thursday, and that was pretty interesting… Rachel, (our 2 year old) kept saying over and over again "I don’t like that man." Then Laura (our oldest) said she wanted to show him her gun. (My dad bought her a pink .22 rifle for Christmas last year. Yes totally inappropriate but that’s my dad in a nut shell) I am quite sure this pastor will never forget our family.

As for the baptism, he would not allow for a private service, so we all headed to church Sunday. Emily just wanted to get down and walk, and being her christening dress was super long it was impossible, so Dave and I took turns trying to wrestle her in our arms, stepping in an out of church service until it was time for baptism. After she was baptized, Dave took her to the car and the poor thing was so wiped out, she took a nap while they waited for church to be over.
Sometime this week I am going to take her to have her portraits done in the gown, and hopefully she will be in a better mood! I am still proud of her.

Obviously we had a busy weekend. I did knock out some Santa shopping for the kids which I am pretty proud of. I got Emily’s main gift which I am was sure was going to impossible to find something for her, but I found the perfect item for her at Costco (gotta love it!). I got some great bargains at Target as two items Laura and Rachel wanted were on sale, and they were running coupons on the items, AND they gave me a gift card for spending over $50 on toys, so all in all I got an amazing deal. I need to get everything out and look and see what I have for them so if I can see if I am almost done Santa shopping…I think I am getting close though!
Tonight I plan on setting up the girls Christmas tree in the playroom. We do a real family Christmas tree so I have to wait until they are for sale. I also have been collecting some beachy ornaments to do a beach theme tree this year, but I don’t have a tree yet for that… I think I want to get a white tree for it. Guess I have to do some bargain hunting for that…


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