Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Catching up....

The big news around here is we had some snow this past weekend.... nothing major, but any time we get snow that sticks we get excited. Laura and Rachel were so excited, and wanted to be outside playing in it 24/7. We took Emily out for her to experience it, but she wasn't to thrilled as it was hard for her to walk, and she didn't like the cold. But, I made her go outside for few for some pictures and to just experience it. She will like it more when she's older.

The girls got to test out their snow bibs. I always find some in their sizes at a local consignment shop. Since we don't get much snow around here it doesn't make sense to spend a small fortune on snow clothes. Their snow bibs were super cheap, and barely used. Later on in January we are going on a vacation to a ski resort, so I know the kids will get some use out of their snow clothes this year.

I have been off work since Tuesday, and I have spent some time wrapping some presents, and finishing my digital albums for the grandparents.... I printed the pages at costco, and I have been working on getting them into the albums in proper order. It was so much easier to go the digital route this year..... I think in the end digital scrapbooking and classic scrapbooking cost about the same. It seems like digital scrapbooking is cheaper at first because of all the freebies out there, etc... but when you go to pay for your pages your probably spend as much as you would on stickers, paper etc...But I guess since you are saving a ton of time and don't have to deal with creating a mess, you come out ahead in the end... I keep telling myself that anyways...

Last night we went to see some Christmas lights. We went to the Newport News park ones, and the girls loved it! Tonight we plan on seeing some neighborhood ones in Hampton. I just can't believe that Christmas is in two days! It sure did sneak up on us fast!



Jenny said...

I can't believe it either! I'm kinda sad because soon it will all be over and the house will be back to Plain Jane.

I've also be scrapping, but the regular way. I'm almost caught up...of course I'm sure I'll take 10,000 pics of Christmas so I'll be behind again, but that's okay!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Just 'found' your site! I enjoyed reading your blogs! Merry Christmas.