Saturday, October 17, 2009


Poor husband.... I seem to always have a ever running list of projects going on that require his assistance in some major way.... He's a good sport, and once he get's motivated he comes through...Here are some projects I want to accomplish ...

1. Paint our kitchen table and chair black. I got this set when we built our house, and I bought it at Haynes. It was cheap, and it fit in the breakfast nook. Note to self, never buy crap from Haynes because everything we have ever bought in an effort to save money has been a pile of poo. We had to take two chairs back when they arrived because two came broke. (a dresser we bought has issues as well). Anyways, back to the painting project- I want them black now, and if is a big fat fail, then we aren't out of much as the set was uber cheap.

2. Hooks for the laundry room to hang coats and book bags.

3. Re-do Laura's room. I want to convert her bed to a full big girl bed, and paint her room.

4. Paint hallway upstairs. This hallways still has the original flat paint that the contractors used.

5. Paint play room. This should be done already, but I couldn't choose which color... I wanted to do a hot pink, but then I thought it would be a bit extreame.

6. Paint Master Bath.

7. Find new chair cushions for kitchen chairs... I want zebra ones... I found some sweet ones, but it would cost $200 for 4, and chances are the kids would stain them on day one, and all the happy pills in the world, wouldn't prevent me from losing it.

Sigh... not sure when everything will get done, but that table is going to be painted within 2 weeks. Now I just have to inform Dave.



jenjen said...

Great list! It seems like I always have a list a mile long. The zebra chair cushions sound so fun! Would it be hard to sew those yourself? You could probably find the cushion forms at the fabric store.

I love the name of your blog - so cute!


Jenny said...

Homegoods is opening up here next week-you should come and look for cushions there and we could snag lunch!!!!! I'd love to meet you in person!

Twincerely,Olga said...

great blog!! Sounds likr you will br busy! Just wanted to say hi