Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dream House

Sigh... My dream house is for sale. This is a house on the next street over. Whenever I have gone for a bike ride, walk, or a short drive I always gaze at it and think to myself how much I love that house. When I saw the for sale sign I gasped. I can't believe anyone would ever want to move and leave the house, but I am pretty the sure the owners are in bad health and that is why... It's prices at 685,000 but seriously it's a steal at that price because everything inside is custom and perfect! There is a view of the river, two kitchens, it's just perfect in everyway.

I had to share the link because you can take a virtual tour, and the insides of the house are awesome.... I love their furniture, their decorations, etc etc. I would kill to be able to afford this house, and for this lady's taste. Seriously, take some time to check it out!



The Hobby Mommy said...

WOW Robyn!
I guess I need to get out more!
We live on this side of the river too...
The TRANQUIL DECK...aahhhhhhhh

TrailerTrashQueen said...

I have something for you at my blog!