Sunday, November 15, 2009

How I wish weekends were longer...

Saturday morning my mom and I ventured over to Virginia Beach to go to the awesome Tjmaxx/Homegood store. It was night to get out and do some shopping after being stuck inside for a few days thanks to a major Nor'easter in our area... This is hands down the best TJ in the area... They always have the best brands and other goodies. The above dress I scored for Miss Emily to wear on Christmas Day. See? I am sticking to not dressing all three girls alike! I thought this dress was adorable and had a bit of a Santa feel to it too. Now all girls have a pretty Christmas dresses...that coordinate but aren't identical... it's progress.

I did not get to run over to Walmart yet to get the white tree I want for my tropical theme Christmas tree. I am actually wondering if I should wait another year. Emily is into everything right now, and I can just see her now attacking it.... Our normal family tree (when we get it up) is usually elevated so that I can water it easier and can stack presents under it. The elevation is a bonus of her not reaching many ornaments... The pink tree in the playroom I can control by keeping an eye on her.... but the white tree would be somewhere else down stairs, and trust me- she would find a way to attack it, and my ornaments for this tree are not cheap.... Oh well... gives me more time to plot I guess.

I went ahead and drug out most other Christmas decorations...The other things I have not done require my husbands help, and I am sure he wont be rushing to get his part done until after Thanksgiving! Yes, it's crazy early for me to have my stuff up but I figure I get to enjoy the holiday spirit a little longer.


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