Friday, November 28, 2008

Flash Back Friday...

So I survived the 5k yesteday and had a great Thanksgiving. Anyways, in celebration of me not dying during the race this fridays flash back is from field hockey day, when I probably could have done a 100k race. This pic was taken my senior year. I am the one sporting the mighty fine looking white sweat band on my head, cause I was fierce like that. This is actually and old page of a scrapbook I did eons ago. I first started playing field hockey in 7th grade at a private school I attended. I fell in love with it. After 8th grade I switched school, and they didn't offer field hockey. Stupid Catholic School....but when I went to Menchville I started playing again my junior year, and picked right back up. I played offense , usually a right wing, and later played in college, don't get excited, it was a Division three school, and they got rid of our team after my 2nd year of playing. But it was still a ton of fun, and I miss it.


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