Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The good news is I didn't have to take TJmaxx shoppers hostage as they had the third book to the series I was looking for. The bad news is they didn't have the 4th. However my childhood BFF who lives far far away now, is going to mail me her copy! So I live to fight another day.

Ann Taylor Loft is having a excellent sale, an additional 40% off all sale items (the sale ends today), and I found a code for an additional 20% off with free shipping... doesn't get any better then that folks....



THEhooahwife said...

Yay! Glad you didn't have to hold people hostage! =) And YAY for great friends who come through for you.

And if I had any money to spend... I'd be checking out that sale right now. Right now I gotta get ready to move and MAN people want insane deposits!

Katie said...

Book is in the mail chica! It should arrive Monday.