Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inspiration for weight loss...and memory lane

So umm yeah...I should have appreciated the skinnyness while I had it..if it wasn't raining outside I would probably be doing sprints after seeing this... By the way I scanned a million gazillion pics and I think I am going to start doing Flash Back Fridays...


This pic is circa 1999 freshman year of college. My friends and I had gone camping at Philpott Lake at HorseShoe Point Park. This was my first time camping, and I did do so well as I was too scared to sleep in a tent and opted to sleep in the back of my Exployer in a sleeping bag. It seemed safer to me 'cause I was afraid the bears would get me. All in all it was fun though as there was a ton of us on the trip, and I mean hey, I looked great in this Walmart Bikini at least. Since I no longer need the camera fund I had going since my mom and dad bought it for me, I think I will keep saving for major plastic surgury instead =)



Annie B. said...

Nice! ;-)

I know exactly what you mean about appreciation! I would give anything to look like I did back when I thought I was fat and really wasn't!

Ah, memories.

THEhooahwife said...

What a great pic! =)

I think we went camping at Philpott lake once, when I was a little girl..

Beav's Wife said...

Ummm, ok, I've NEVER looked even remotely that good. You kick arse, girl!

Yes, I used to complain all the time about how fat I was-I'd kill to be "that fat" now!

Katie said...

You're a fly bitch. Quit your whining. I don't look half as good as you do and you had a bebe, what 1 month ago. Stop it