Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Lots

Don't laugh at me for being slow but I just went into a Big Lots for my first time, and I was in awe. Of course I thought I was going to get mugged the whole time I was in the parking lot, and the cashier gave me the stink eye and refused to talk to me, but I was in love with the store. I couldn't believe the deals and what they had in there... I had seen a ad in the paper for a pink Christmas tree. I decieded I wanted to do a girly tree for the kids in their playroom, and had been looking around for one that was cheap. So I scored the 6 foot pink tree, and then I kept looking... I got two small christmas trees in planters for the front porch for super cheap. I also picked up a few scrapbooking items. The scrapbook aisle was pretty good... they have a lot of cute albums and embellishments. I wish I had gone there to get my albums rather then Michael's.

So back to the kids tree...I am going to set it up tonight. I let Rachel pick out a few ornaments in Target today for it, (Laura had pre-school) and every year we will just keep adding on to it. I saw a really cute tree topper in target for it but I was too cheap to buy it today. Hopefully it will go on sale soon...


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