Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zoo and Costco love

Yesterday we went to the Norfolk Zoo since Dave was off and we didn't have anything else going on. I had not been there since I was little. Laura and Rachel loved it! I think all kids love seeing animals though. They were so cute! We went to this drive up food place over there a couple of miles away from the zoo called Dumars. It's like a old time Sonic I guess. You drive up and turn your lights on when your ready to order and they bring the food to your car. It's been on the Food Channel for having great Limeaides and awesome icecream. We had never been there before, and it was good, but we would never drive all the way out there just to eat.

Today Dave and I voted in the morning and our local place wasn't crowded at all. It was about 9 or so when we went, and some people said they had come earlier when the polls opened and it was really crowded then. I hope everyone gets a chance to get out and make their vote count!

We later made a Costco run for milk, and I got some diapers. I usually get diapers at Sam's Club since they carry Pampers and that what we usually use, but I am going to see how the Huggies work. We tried them at first with Laura and they leaked horribly. I don't know what made me try them today, but if they will work out ok this time I will be excited about being able to get diapers at Costco since I go there all the time. Once again while we were in Costco I visited the camera section to molest the Canon Rebel. Today it was on sale for 899.99, which is $100 off the normal price. I swear it just wants to come home with me. In the mean time I will just visit with it weekly.

*** Scratch that- I'm getting the Rebel tomorrow cause I am a spoiled daughter like that!

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The Narron Family said...

Can you parents adopt me and Avery for a year :)